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2019 Truck Driving Championship

Registration Notes

REGISTRATION CLOSED - For questions please contact Jodee Hunt jhunt@ifdaonline.org

Sign In to the right to start your registration.  Once signed in, begin by registering yourself.

If you need to register a spouse/guest or a child along with your registration click 

If registering someone other than yourself, such as drivers or judges, click  

and select their name from the existing contacts or create a new contact. 
Select the registration option and complete the questions.  You can add additional registrants by clicking the "Register Someone Else" button as many times as needed.  (Remember to use thefeature for spouse, children and family registrations).   

Judges:  Please note judges attend at no charge.  All judges are required to review and accept the Judge's Code of Ethics.

Drivers:  In addition to the required questions and answers, a driver registration requires acceptance of the Driver Eligibility form, acknowledged by a company official and the upload of both the driver's DMV Report and a copy of the driver's CDL. 

Questions about driver eligibility please contact Grace Hong:  ghong@ifdaonline.org 

Questions about judge eligibility please contact Jon Eisen:  jeisen@ifdaonline.org

Questions about registration please contact Jodee Hunt:  jhunt@ifdaonline.org or Shaun Surette: ssurette@ifdaonline.org

We do offer a Saturday Only registration option for more information Jodee Hunt:  jhunt@ifdaonline.org

General questions please call IFDA at (703) 532-9400

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations must be e-mailed to Mary Som at msom@ifdaonline.org by 8/16/19. No refunds will be given after that date. A $50 processing fee (per person) is applied to all refunds.

9/13/2019 - 9/15/2019

Remember to click "Update Responses" button before moving on to the next section.

There are additional registration options for various registrant groups in the next section: 

  • Judges must agree to the Code of Ethics;
  • Drivers must have their eligibility certified;
  • IFDA Distributor Members may sign up for the option Transportation Managers Share Group meeting on Friday, September 13th, 9:00 am - if interested please add this meeting to your registration.

Judge Code of Ethics & Driver Eligibility

Friday, 13 September 2019


This is to verify that the driver named above meets the following eligibility requirements:  

  1. At least one year of continuous full-time employment as a driver with a food distribution company (i.e., foodservice, foodservice manufacturer with private fleet, retail/wholesale grocery), and is currently a full-time driver (not a supervisor).
  2. The driver is the winner of a company-sponsored competition (at a distribution center or higher level), or is the highest placing company representative at a state, local, regional, or provincial truck driving competition.  If the highest placing driver is not a first place winner, a minimum number of five drivers must have competed in that class.
  3. A Driver Record that meets the following:  A competing driver, must have an "ACCIDENT FREE" driving record for ONE YEAR prior to September 13, 2019.  An "ACCIDENT FREE" driving record means the driver is not involved in any accidents where they are at fault and has not incurred any alcohol or drug-related chargeable violations.
  4. The driver holds a valid license for the type of truck to be driven during the competition.  

You must complete  the information below for your registration to be processed.



(IFDA Distributor Members Only)

Friday, September 13 at 9 a.m.

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
9/13/2019 9:00 AM


As a Judge or Official in the IFDA Truck Driving Championship, I understand and will comply with the following Code of Ethics: 

  • I shall not divulge or share any proprietary information relating to the written examination, field course event, or pre-trip event with any driver, member of management, or any other associated party to a contestant participating in the Truck Driving Championship;
  • I shall not "coach" any drivers regarding ways to attain higher scores before or during the conduct of IFDA Truck Driving Championship events;
  • I shall judge all contestants consistently and impartially;

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements on my part could result in the disqualification of the driver(s) involved.

You must check the box below to accept the Judge Code of Ethics in order to complete your registration.

12:00 PM
9/13/2019 12:00 PM

Driver and Judge Registrants: remember to click "Save Responses" button above when you completed your Code of Ethics & Eligibility Certification. 

Add Additional Registrants/Guests:  Return to the top of the page to register others.    

Driver registrants:  To complete the driver's eligibility continue onto the "Driver Eligibility" section to upload the required documents. 

Done?  If your registration group doesn't have drivers and you don't need to add any additional registrants, click "Proceed to Checkout" below to checkout and complete your registration.


Complete Driver Eligibility & Document Upload

IFDA requires the submission of two documents to complete a driver's eligibility for the competition: 

  1. Driver's DMV Report 
  2. Driver's CDL 

If you have some or all of your driver's document(s), then search and click the driver's name to upload those documents.   This will take you to their TDC Driver Details page and you will need to do this for each of the drivers that you register.  If you don't have all the driver's documents at this time, you can return later to complete them but they must be uploaded and submitted prior to August 15th to complete their eligibility for competition.  

After uploading your driver's documents, clicking on the TDC truck will back to the TDC registration site and you can add additional drivers, registrants or guests.  Once you have all of your driver documents uploaded, you can proceed to checkout to complete your registration(s).  

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