The Restaurant Operator Perspective: Customer Insight That Improves Your Partnership

URestaurant-Operator-Perspective-Cover-Jan-2020-(1).jpgnderstanding your customers helps you build better relationships. A restaurant operator's point of view may be different than that of a foodservice distributor when it comes to business interactions.

This report details how restaurateurs think and act when ordering and receiving deliveries, based on an IFDA survey of 400 operators.

Highlights include:

  • While a majority of operators make some preparations for receiving deliveries, not all are as ready as they could be. Ensuring drop-offs are smooth saves labor both in the restaurant kitchen and on the distribution truck, which in turn makes the delivery driver’s job easier.
  • Nearly half of operators who regularly order ingredients and supplies from more than one source say they purchase from a larger number of distributors now than they did two years ago, indicating the competition in the space continues to grow.
  • There’s some misalignment between how operators order and source ingredients now compared with how they would like to do so if distributors offered those options. For example, more operators say they prefer to place orders via smartphone app than by phone, though more are doing the latter currently.
  • DSRs should primarily focus on identifying food cost savings, according to operators.
  • The long-term growth in off-premise traffic at restaurants has led to evolving needs around staffing, frequency of orders and deliveries, LTOs, as well as food and packaging products.

2019 Compensation Survey: Driver and Warehouse Edition

Comp-survey-screenshot.pngRecruiting qualified drivers and warehouse personnel is becoming increasingly challenging and the labor pool will remain shallow for the foreseeable future. Offering competitive compensation and benefits to hourly employees is a good tool to ease that challenge. But what offerings are competitive?

This cross-industry survey contains confidential information from 93 distribution companies, including 60 foodservice distributors, providing wage data for 699 U.S. locations. The data provides a better understanding of how your company's compensation levels and benefits practices compare in the labor market.

IFDA engaged Industry Insights, an independent research company, to collect and compile the results of the study.  Industry Insights has more than 40 years of experience in conducting confidential, compensation benchmarking studies of this nature. The survey is hosted and maintained on a secure server to keep your data safe and confidential.


Addressing Today's Transportation Challenges

Transportation challenges are top of mind for foodservice distribution industry professionals. Join our free member webinar, where Paul Mugerditchian, President of Dot Transportation, Inc., will share strategies and insight, addressing what Dot is doing, what you can do, and how we can help each other.
Registration is exclusive to IFDA members.

Paul has worked for Dot Foods and Dot Transportation since 2001 in various roles, including President of DTI since 2008. Dot Transportation is 22nd on the list of the top private fleets in America and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dot Foods, Inc. Prior to joining Dot/DTI, Paul worked in the financial industry for 20 years. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics.

Presenter is Paul Mugerditchian, President, Dot Transportation, Inc.

The 6 Skills of Every Exceptional Leader Webinar

Everyone thinks they know what makes a successful leader. There are six skill sets proven to be effective in navigating the corporate structure, becoming a high performer, and advancing your career.

Join us for an honest conversation with industry leader Cindy Thomson, President of Sysco Sacramento, on the diverse set of experiences she gained throughout her career at Sysco that earned her the role of President. We’ll explore the behavioral shifts required to demonstrate the six leadership skills to elevate your career. This webinar is part of the ongoing efforts by the IFDA Women in Foodservice Distribution Leadership Committee to provide our industry, particularly women, with leadership development education and opportunities.
This webinar will be moderated by Gretchen Sussman, Managing Director of the Food & Hospitality Practice at Root Inc., the leaders in organizational change.

In this highly interactive experience, you’ll gain six insights to help you elevate your career.

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